Welcome–I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

Although I love to talk (in print), I’m not so fond of talking to myself.  And while I love to talk/write about myself (that being the thing I know the most about), I want all that verbiage to be of use to someone else.

Yes, it’s all about me–but I want it to be for you.  Perhaps that makes me a narcissistic co-dependent?  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make me a saint.  Maybe it just makes me a regular person, doing what it seems to me most of us are doing: Trying to find our way through life in a healthy, mostly happy way.

In September 2010, I began an experiment to revise my life, which had become fairly untenable.  (You can watch that journey unfold here.)  Through my wandering efforts, I happened upon three things I’ve come to believe are crucial components for anything that makes life good:  gratitude, minimalism, and physical health.

Because I am a teacher, I want to share the wealth of what I’m finding.  Because I’m a community and connection-loving being, I want to find others interested in a similar journey.  Because I’m an introvert and writing is the one thing that has always, always, always worked to help me understand and make sense of the world, I want to share and find connection through the medium of blogging.

If you’re interested in the same things, I’m hoping this blog will be of some use to you.  Please stick around, check back frequently, and share your own questions, thoughts, and experiences here.


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